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Adelaide Builder: Director Lucio Mucci @ Co-Built Affordable & Sustainable Housing Pty. Ltd (BLD: 232190)

Adelaide Builder Lucio Mucci worked with developers and builders in Brisbane for several years, Lucio gained considerable and valuable knowledge in the human value and benefits of building and buying a residential home.

He soon discovered that most house building motivation is dictated by profit margin within the scope of the Building Regulations. Often buyers end up with a house costing more than they initially signed up for, through “variation clauses” with additional expenses to finish the house in order for them to move in and have full enjoyment of their property. Most builders bring the house to “lock-up stage” finish which leaves you with extra costs in completing the house, rather than our “turn-key” finish and ready to move in!

Within the building industry, generally, there tends to be a lack of initiative in making houses truly affordable to buy & affordable to live in. It is up to the government to legislate for more energy efficient houses. Currently every new home must be built to a minimum of a Six Star Energy Rating, by going up to Seven Stars with a Co-Built Home there is a gain of 30% Savings in heating and cooling for the home owner.

Responding With The Current Demands:

Co-Built: Affordable & Sustainable Housing Pty. Ltd is very much in tune with current and future economical and environmental needs in the housing industry.

We have extensively consulted many industry stakeholders, potential home purchasers, and finance industry to find out what the important factors are in building a home. Apart from the obvious: Affordable to buy & Affordable to live in, there is the environmental consideration which is often overlooked: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of the house by making it as Energy Efficient as possible in the design, but also using Low Carbon Footprint and Eco-Friendly Building Materials. We are doing both.

We Offer: Over $12,200 of free inclusions in our Energy Efficient, 7 Star, Sustainable House & Land Packages. If you have purchased your own land, we can build your new home to your specifications and include all aspects, such as those seen in the Home Designs for Ecorise @ Playford.